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and read all over

Hey now.


You can call me Tom.


I was born at Athens, Georgia, while Harry S Truman was president.


I've been making and printing black and white photographs since 1970, most of those years in the traditional darkroom.

Some of my photos have won awards and many have been purchased by individual and institutional collectors. The "Gallery"  started small, but anticipates ongoing expansion, so if the photos appeal to you, check in often to see what's new.


As for "read all over," we can only hope! 

The intention is to introduce the thinking and writing, the rants and the rumbles, and the poetry and stories of a small group of regular contributors.


Throughout a life purposeful in avoidance of the conventional, I might not have got intact to this point had not quite a few people along the way been willing to pay me to write stuff.


So stay tuned. I might write something again. For you. For free.


I'm posting a few of my favorite photographs here.


Take a look and enjoy if — you know — if you're into that sort of thing. And if you are, then check back now and then to see what's new.

Check out Other Stuff for, well...other stuff.

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