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and read all over

Hey now.


You can call me Tom.


I was born at Athens, Georgia, while Harry S Truman was president.


I've been making and printing black and white photographs since 1970, most of those years in the traditional darkroom.

Some of my photos have won awards and many have been purchased by individual and institutional collectors.


The linked "Gallery"  of some of my black and white photos starts out small, but anticipates ongoing expansion, so if the photos appeal to you, check in often to see what's new.


As for "read all over," we can only hope!  One of these days and it won't be long...

Our intention is to introduce thinking and writing, rants and the rumbles, poetry and tales from a small group of contributors whom you are unlikely to encounter elsewhere. Our only agenda is to extend a platform to thoughtful writersour enlightenment, edification, or at the least, your amusement.

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